Board Members

Stewart Taylor – Re-elected 1 November 2014 for a two-year term

Stewart is the Chairperson of the Co-operative’s Board of Directors. He has been an active member of the Co-operative Ltd for 30 years and served on the Board from 2004 to 2006. His grandparents and mother were among the founding members of the Co-operative.

Stewart has completed his Certificate IV in Governance at Victoria University. He is a proud and active member of the community and was one of the original participants of the Men’s Group “Tjaogan’s Warriors”, established in 2007. Stewart has also been an integral in the participation of youth in the annual Murray River Marathon over the past eight years.

Stewart is a member of the Southern Wimbi’s Committee and has run his own telecommunications business, Taylor Made Communications, for the past 11 years. His special interests are Youth and Environment.

Margaret Gardiner – Re-elected 1 November 2014 for a two-year term

Margaret has been a member of the Co-operative for more than 30 years.

Margaret has a life-long commitment to the community and to the Co-operative and has served on the Board at various times. She has also been a Manager, Administrator and Receptionist in the past.

Margaret is keen to enable the Co-operative to grow and develop to its full potential in providing the best possible services and programs to the community.

Margaret has special interests in Housing, Health, Youth and Elders.

Patricia Ockwell – Elected 27 October 2013 for a two-year term

Patricia has been a member of the Co-operative since 1977 and has served on the Board at various times over the years, including a previous role as Chairperson.

Patricia has been involved in Aboriginal affairs for approximately 40 years, including 30 years with Aboriginal Housing Victoria.

Patricia is a Senior Elder and Life Member of the Wurundjeri Tribal Council. She is a Director of the Aboriginal Community Elders Service (ACES) and sits on the Koori Children’s Court, Broadmeadows Adult Koori Court and will soon begin involvement with the new Koori Court in Dandenong.

Patricia was employed by Aboriginal Hostels Limited for 20 years, where she worked in funding arrangements and as a hostel manager. She has graduated from Governance Training in the Certificate IV in Business (Governance) at Swinburne University and intends to undertake the Diploma in Business Governance.

Patricia has special interests in Finance, Housing and Youth.

Elaine Taylor – Re-elected 1 November 2014 for a two-year term

Elaine works with Indigenous families in crisis and in contact with DHS. She has worked for eight years at the Aboriginal Child Care Agency and has also worked at the Aboriginal Legal Service for five years.

Elaine has been a Director of the Aboriginal Child Care Agency for four years and Director of Aboriginal Youth Support & Recreation for four years. She is also a previous Director of Dandenong & District Aborigines Co-operative.

Elaine was one of the first members of the Co-operative and her mother and father were among its founding members. She has a special interest in Family Services and Mental Health.

Daryl Walker – Re-elected 1 November 2014 for a two-year term

Daryl has been involved with the Co-operative since its first meetings as an Association in 1971 and has served as a Director at various times over 20 years.

Daryl has operated his own business for 25 years, mainly in the gas industry, and has always worked to see that the Co-operative maintains a sound economic position.

Daryl is currently the Chairperson of the Larnangurag Aborigines Association (NSW) and has completed his Certificate IV in Governance Training.

Daryl has special interests in Finance, Funding Arrangements, Education, Youth and Elders.

Lynette Davey – Elected 6 December 2015 for a two-year term

Lynette had started her career in the Taxation Department performing taxation duties in 1975 and as the career progressed she had joined the Melbourne University as an Administration Officer in 1976.

Lynette moved to New Zealand with her family and returned to Melbourne, Australia in 1983, after that she had resumed her work with Prahran C.E.S. as a Clerical Assistance.

In her most recent role involved the Aboriginal community, Lynette was employed by Aboriginal Hostels Ltd as a Chef/Domestic at W.T Onus Hostel in Northcote. During that time she was

trained as a Relief Manager. She was performing relief management for various hostels such as W.T Onus Hostel Northcote, Roy Harrison Hostel Dandenong, Lionel Rose Centre Morwell and Harry Nanya Hostel in Mildura.

Lynette has been an active community member and her special interests are in Youth, Health ‘Quit Smoking Program,’ and Stolen Generation Events.