Board Members

Stewart Taylor – Re-elected 1 November 2014 for a two-year term

Stewart is the Chairperson of the Co-operative’s Board of Directors. He has been an active member of the Co-operative Ltd for 30 years and served on the Board from 2004 to 2006. His grandparents and mother were among the founding members of the Co-operative.

Stewart has completed his Certificate IV in Governance at Victoria University. He is a proud and active member of the community and was one of the original participants of the Men’s Group “Tjaogan’s Warriors”, established in 2007. Stewart has also been an integral in the participation of youth in the annual Murray River Marathon over the past eight years.

Stewart is a member of the Southern Wimbi’s Committee and has previoulsy run his own telecommunications business, Taylor Made Communications, for 11 years. His special interests are Youth and Environment.

Margaret Gardiner – Re-elected 1 November 2014 for a two-year term

Margaret has been a member of the Co-operative for more than 30 years.

Margaret has a life-long commitment to the community and to the Co-operative and has served on the Board at various times. She has also been a Manager, Administrator and Receptionist in the past.

Margaret is keen to enable the Co-operative to grow and develop to its full potential in providing the best possible services and programs to the community.

Margaret has special interests in Housing, Health, Youth and Elders.

Christopher Walker – Elected 25 November 2018

Amelia Seymour – Elected 25 November 2018

Sharon Blow – Elected 25 November 2018

Lucille Boothey – Elected 25 November 2018

Lucille has worked at Dandenong & District Aborigines Co-operative Ltd as a, cleaner and cook in the late 1980s. She worked alongside Monica Phillips and Jessie Terrick as a Community Worker in Home help with the Aged. She has worked for the Roy Harrison Hostel in Dandenong.

Lucille has community involvement through attending community events and activities. She has great involvement with the Doveton Gathering Place.

Lucille has special interests in arts, particularly painting. She enjoys sewing and making quilts and clothes. Lucille also enjoys gardening.

Lesley Gardener – Elected 25 November 2018

Lesley is currently studying Cert 4 Aboriginal Health. She has vast experience in Aboriginal Affairs specifically in the South East Division. Lesley has worked in Aboriginal identified positions at Dandenong & District Aborigines Co-operative Ltd (DDACL), Monash Health and the Education Department.

Lesley has worked in numerous roles at DDACL and continues to use the provided services. Lesley has been actively involved in the community her whole life and represented the community over a number of years at sporting carnivals. She became a member of the co-op in 1995. Lesley has also been a previous Board Member of DDACL from 2010-2015.

Lesley has interests to improve outcomes in all areas of life in the community. She is committed to the future and survival of DDACL to ensure the growth and development of service delivery. Lesley also dedicated to improving community engagement which will ensure community needs are met.