Bringing Them Home

The Bringing Them Home Report states that between one in three and one in 10 Indigenous children were forcibly removed from their families and communities from 1910 until 1970. Our Bringing Them Home program provides links to other Stolen Generation organisations and helps to raise awareness through hosting Sorry Day and Apology Day events.

Benefits include:

  • Links to grief and loss counselling
  • Referrals to other agencies to help find your family
  • Access to records and family tree
  • Access to services relating to Stolen Generation support

What you need to know about this service

The Program is open to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Stolen Generations people living in Dandenong and Southern Region.

For more information, call the Bringing Them Home Worker at the Co-operative on (03) 8902 9700.


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Monday to Friday

Monday – Thursday 9 – 5pm Friday 9 – 4:30pm

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3 Carroll Avenue Dandenong

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